Since 1986, Precision Products , Mohali, India with its sister concern Sandhu Engineering Works, Chandigarh,India has been successfully turning high precision components on Swiss type automatic lathe machines and CNCs, catering to diverse industries ranging from watch industry, electronic & instrumentation industry, medical industry and automotive industry. Our continuous emphasis on the quality and precision has been well recognized by our customers since inception.

Our 30 years of strong experience in manufacturing ready-to-assemble precision components with a diameter starting from 1mm to 15 mm make us a formidable player in precision turning industry. Some of the components we regularly manufacture in various industry segments include Guide pins, Polarising pins, RF Connectors & components , LED holders, Pins, Fasteners, Contacts, Nuts, Housings, bushings,  Dowel Pins , watch hour-wheels arbors, their insert buttons, rings, crowns, bushings, studs, dental implants, small turned components of medical & ENT instruments such as laryngoscopes, prosthetics, etc. of various materials such as brass, aluminium, stainless steel, free cutting steel, titanium etc.

Our 2 manufacturing units make us favourable choice for small batch production in thousands as well as large scale production demand of lakhs.

Consistently winning repeat business from loyal and satisfied customers, we have proved time and time again that we can compete and win against the best. Business relationships that started small have flourished over years of reliable and flexible service. We work towards achieving total customer satisfaction and move ahead with a customer centric approach.